We’ll help you get through this, together. We cover many topics that address the many different stages of divorce that you may be experiencing right now. Our series of workshops cover various topics such as those listed below.  Let us help you heal & have the breakthrough that you deserve.


Workshop Topics

  • Dealing with denial
  • The blame game
  • Dealing with the shock
  • Ways to handle the anger & resentment
  • How to handle the guilt & shame
  • Steps to cope with the loneliness
  • Steps to cope with depression
  • Knowing when to seek help
  • Don’t compromise your self worth
  • Dealing with the fear & anxiety
  • How to tell the kids, family & friends
  • What will happen to the kids
  • What will happen to the finances & assets
  • Mourning the loss
  • How to accept the reality of divorce
  • How to move past the pain 
  • Letting go and starting a new
  • Identifying patterns in past relationships
  • Steps to not make the same mistakes
  • Moving on & adjusting to your new life
  • Recovery, Survival & Healing
  • Being single again
  • Rediscovering oneself
  • Redefining your goals

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