Forgive yourself!

I gave myself permission to forgive MYSELF!

I was very determined to start regaining my power back by processing the trauma I experienced from my broken marriage. I stop feeling the resentment toward myself and trusting that I absolutely without doubt of knowing who I am as a “Woman”, and trusting myself to believe the core value of my merits without judgements, because I found out what true LOVE is , and by accepting love from myself to myself, that I was able to turned it into my PERSONAL PEACE!


Ms. DeAnna Williams

Professional Life Coach for Divorced Women

Published by tde66

Ms. DeAnna Williams is a recent divorcee, who is a Certified Professional life coach for divorced women since June 2015. She assists women in transitioning from marriage to divorce. DeAnna has a powerful belief in treating the human spirit and is very passionate about helping Divorced Women strive to achieve their best potential, while transitioning through a very emotional, sometimes traumatic times. DeAnna is committed to helping women work through the trauma of divorce by providing simple key life strategies, stress management techniques, information resources and sound objective advice. She is currently working on becoming a motivational speaker. Divorce N’ Me offers a series of workshops, individual sessions covering various pertinent topics, self-empowerment seminars, a place to network with other women to share experiences, heal and Forgive.

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