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Marcus M.

Hello, yes I’m a male/man. When I first Met Ms. DeAnna Williams, I noticed her bright smile from across the room & it was something that drawn me to her, that I walked over & introduced myself & I was immediately so drawn in to her , that I told her about my marriage & the things that I was going thru & shared information that I’ve never shared with anyone, not even my homies, or frat brothers. I wasn’t ready to hear the macho male speech, that we have, when men are going through personal pain. Life Coach, DeAnna gave some encouraging words & wisdom, that left me hopeful & later on discovered that she was a life coach to Divorced women, then she expressed to me about her house of healing & I became her first client @ DivorceN’Me House of Healing. The ENTIRE experience left me hopeful, encouraged, yet it was challenging, especially accepting the truth and seeing it face to face. I learned so many tool to use in my daily life obstacles. Divorce House of Healing, is a nice place to relax & pray, have clarity & acceptance, So, Ladies Men hurt as well. My Divorced was a burden to me. I now have a life coach for life. Thank you Ms. DeAnna Williams Professional Life Coach. MJM!


Annie A.S.

I am so proud of what you are doing, and my experience supporting Her vision For house of healing congratulations may God continue to bless your vision


Angela E.

I am so proud of your journey with Divorce and Me Healing House. Continue to give positive energy and hope to those who think/feel they are alone! Blessings..Love you


Kiki M.

Ms. D Has Really Opened my eyes and helped me to be a better woman and a Better parent (although i did NOT like her at first ) Her words echo in my everyday decisions…She is someone that I admire and trust…SHE WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH…If you are looking for someone to give you REAL loving direction please check her out you WONT regret it….Thank You for EVERYTHING and I Love you!!!.#supportblackbusinesses



I had the previledge of meeting such an awesome person! We started off meeting weekly, and it truly helped me to carry on until the next meeting. She encouraged, uplifted and showed be ways to channel my negative into positive. The setting was so relaxing, she allowed me to just be me, in whatever what that might have been. It’s a double blessing to talk with another woman and finically feel like your not alone. Thank you Deanna for being the person I needed in my time of need! Love you always